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    21. S. Beigi (Joint with A. Gohari),
    On dimension bounds for auxiliary quantum systems,
    Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory (IWCIT)

    22. S. Beigi (Joint with J. Chen, M. Grassl, Zh. Ji, Q. Wang, and B. Zeng),
    Symmetries of codeword stabilized quantum codes,
    8th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation

    23. Sh. Heidarkhani,
    Three solutions for systems of n fourth order partial differential equations,
    DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-7333-6 35 Proceeding of International Conference on Differential & Difference Equations and Applications
    S. Pinelas
    24. S. Salehi,
    Axiomatizing mathematical theories: Multiplication,
    Proceedings of Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences

    25. S. Salehi,
    Computation in logic and logic in computation,
    Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Computer and Information Sciences 2012

    26. M. S. Fallah (Joint with B. Sattarzadeh),
    Is cryptic able to detect insider attacks?,

    27. M. S. Fallah (Joint with A. Afshar),
    Reconstructing security types for automated policy enforcement in FABLE,
    International Conference on Network and System Security
    IEEE Computer Society Press

    28. S. Azam (Joint with H. Yamane and M. Yousofzadeh),
    Exposition on affine and elliptic root systems and elliptic Lie algebras,
    The Proceedings of New developments in group representation theory and noncommutative harmonic analysis

    29. M. S. Fallah (Joint with A. Noorollahi),
    A logical view of nonmonotonicity in access control,
    Poceedings of the International Wrokshop on Model-Based and Policy-Based Engineering in Information Security

    30. A. Abdollahi,
    Cohomologically trivial modules over finite p-groups,
    Abstracts of International Congress of Mathematicians
    Rajendra Bhatia
    Hindustan Book Agency

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