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Alireza Abdollahihi
Email: a[DOT]abdollahi[AT]math[DOT]ui[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

Combinatorial Conditions on Finite Subsets of Groups and Rings, Engel Elements in Groups, Non-Commuting Graph, Engel Graph, Non-cyclic Graph of Groups.


Alireza Amini Harandi
Email: aminih_a[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

Fixed point Theory,  Functional Analysis.

Majid Asadi
Email: m[DOT]asadi[AT]sci[DOT]ui[DOT]ac[DOT]ir 

Reliability Theory, Information Theory, Ordered Random Variables, Distribution Theory.

Javad Asadollahi
Email: asadollahi[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Commutative Algebra, Category Theory, Representation Theory of Algebras, Homological Theory of Artin Algebras, Gorenstein Homological Algebra.


Saeid Azam
Email: saeidazam[AT]yahoo[DOT]com 


Lie Theory, Extended Afine Lie Algebras and Related Topics.

Mahmood Behboodi
Email: m[DOT]behbood[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

Ring Theory, Projective and injective Modules, Prime and Classical Prime Submodules, Krull and Classical Krull Dimension of Modules, Spectral Spaces and Classical Zariski Topology of Rings and Modules.

Majid Fakhar
Email: fakhar[AT]sci[DOT]ui[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

Fixed point Theory,  Functional Analysis,  Optimization Theory,  Variational Analysis.


Majid Gazor
Email: mgazor[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

Dynamical Systems Theory.


Amir Hashemi
Email: amir[DOT]Hashemi[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

(Comprehensive) Grobner Bases (computation and applications), Solving (parametric) Polynomial Systems, Involutive Bases, Triangular Decomposition, Differential (computer) Algebra.


Mohammad Reza Koushesh
Email: koushesh[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir


Topology, Functional Analysis, Measure and Integration.


Ali Moradzadeh Dehkordi
Email: moradzadehdehkordi[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Ring and Module Theory, Purity and RD-purity, Left Kothe rings

Ali Reza Nasr-Isfahani
Email: nasr[AT]ipm[DOT]ir


Noncommutative Ring Theory, Representation Theory.

Rasoul Nasr-Isfahani
Email: isfahani[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Abstract Harmonic Analysis.

Soghra Nobakhtian
Email: nobakhtm[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

 Operational Research Optimization, Optimal Control.

Gholamreza Omidi
Email: omidi[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Combinatorics, Graph theory, Algebraic Graph Theory, The Probabilistic Method.


Farzad Parvaresh
Email: fparvaresh[AT]gmail[DOT]com

 Information Theory, Coding


Reza Rezaeian Farashahi
Email: farashahi[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir


Algebraic aspects in Cryptography, Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography, Computational Number Theory.



Massoud Sabzevari
Email: sabzevari[AT]math[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir
Differential Geometry, Cartan Theory, CR Manifolds, Transformation Groups

Shokrollah Salarian
Email: salarian[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Commutative algebra, Category Theory, Representation Theory of Algebras, Homological theory of Artin Algebras, Gorenstein Homological Algebra.


 Meisam Sharify
Email: meisam[DOT]sharify[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

Numerical Linear Algebra Max-Plus Algebra Numerical Algorithms and Software


Mehdi Tatari
Email: mtatari[AT]cc[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

 Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solution of PDEs.

Razieh Vahed 

Commutative algebra, Category Theory, Representation Theory of Algebras, Homological theory of Artin Algebras, Gorenstein Homological Algebra.

Malihe Yousofzadeh
Email: ma[DOT]yousofzadeh[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Lie Algebras, Lie Superalgebras, Representation Theory of Lie (super)Algebras.


   Post-Doctoral Research Fellows:

Mahdi Ebrahimimi
Email: m[DOT]ebrahimi[DOT]math[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Character Theory of Finite Groups


Amir Farahmand Parsa
Email: a[DOT]parsa[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Kac-Moody Theory, Lie Theory and Spin-Geometry


Meghdad Ghari
Email: ghari[AT]ipm[DOT]ir

Justification Logics, Modal Logics, Epistemic Logics, Structural Proof Theory.


  Maryam Shahsiah




   Ph.D. Students:

Abbas Darehgazanini

Fahimeh Sadat Fotuhy

 Zahra Kharaghani
 Email: zkharaghani[AT]gmail[DOT]com

 Elham Mahdavi Ghaleh
  Email: elham[DOT]mahdavi[DOT]gh[AT]gmail[DOT]com



 Meysam Miralaei
  Email: m[DOT]miralaei[AT]math[DOT]iut[DOT]ac[DOT]ir

 Ali Zakavi
  Email: a[DOT]zakavi60[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

 Maysam Zallaghi
  Email: m[DOT]zallaghi[AT]sci[DOT]ui[DOT]ac[DOT]ir


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