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About Isfahan:

Architecture and wall paintings play the remarkable role in old Iran. Like architectures of  many other eastern countries, curve-shaped structures and artistic tiling are available in many cities of Iran. But, what makes Isfahan distinctive from other cities is its plentitude of  historical monuments. The curve is seen everywhere, from the bridges to the domes of the mosques. The curve-shaped ceiling of the mosque of  Sheikh  Lotf Allah, for example, is shockingly symmetrical so that attracts Mathematicians'  attentions. Also the bridges that highly suggest the Graphs designed by Sheikh Bahaei are made up of several curve-like openings.  Khajoo bridge and Sio-Se-Pole are the most well-known bridges in Isfahan. Each  of  them has exclusive attractions. The opening parts of Khajoo bridge have designed so that people in specific direction can see candle shapes between these opening parts known as Khajoo candles. Sio-Se-pole has been located in the widest part of the river; the reflection of the bridge to the river makes an amazing view. Although Isfahan is suffering from many attacks in the past, she is still charming and alive; Isfahan handicrafts are of the most beautiful ones among handicrafts; among them  Ghalamzani and Minakary are two of the most beautiful ones.









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