Thematic Program on
Dynamical Systems
 School of Mathematics, IPM,
 February - May, 2017

School of Mathematics
 & Topology

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Mini Course

Fabien Durand
(Univ. Picardie, France)

Title: Cobham’s theorem and substitution subshifts

Date &
May 20-23, 2017, 9:30--10:45
(4 lectures)

Lecture Hall 1,
IPM Niavaran Building,
Niavaran Square, Tehran
This lecture intends to propose a first contact with subshift dynamical systems through the study of a well known family: the substitution subshifts. This will include a short introduction to topological dynamical systems and combinatorics on words. We will focus on the unique ergodicity of substitution subshifts and we will obtain, as a corollary, a proof of a seminal result on automata theory: the Cobham's theorem.

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