Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences

Tautological Classes with Twisted Coefficients

Mehdi Tavakol
Pohang University of Science and Technology


Let $M_g$ be the moduli space of smooth genus $g$ curves. We define a notion of Chow groups of $M_g$ with coefficients in a representation of $Sp(2g)$, and we define a subgroup of tautological classes in these Chow groups with twisted coefficients. Studying the tautological groups of $M_g$ with twisted coefficients is equivalent to studying the tautological rings of all fibered powers of the universal curve over $M_g$ simultaneously. By taking the direct sum over all irreducible representations of the symplectic group in fixed genus, one obtains the structure of a twisted commutative algebra on the tautological classes. We obtain some structural results for this twisted commutative algebra, and we are able to calculate it explicitly when $g \leq 4$. Thus we determine $R^\bullet(C_g^n)$ completely, for all $n$, in these genera. We also give some applications to the Faber conjecture. This is a joint work with Dan Petersen and Qizhegn Yin.